Electric Cutting Edge Saw - Multi-Purpose - Cut up to #8 1" Rebar and Round Bar (Model: RCS-40A)

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Product Overview

  • Discover exceptional performance and versatility with the RCS-40A Electric Cutting Edge Saw, your go-to tool for effortlessly slicing through #8 1" rebar and round bar. Engineered for efficiency, this powerful saw transforms tough tasks into quick, smooth operations, enabling you to complete projects swiftly and effectively.

    Key features and benefits of our RCS-40A include:

    • Superior Cutting Abilities: Whether it's #8 1" rebar or round bar, our saw delivers unparalleled versatility in cutting tasks, adding flexibility to your toolkit.
    • High-Powered Performance: Equipped with a robust motor and advanced cutting technology, the RCS-40A provides exceptional cutting performance that stands out in the market.
    • Robust Construction: Designed with longevity in mind, our saw boasts a durable build using premium materials, ready to endure the toughest cutting jobs.
    • Safe and User-Friendly: Safety is paramount with the RCS-40A, featuring a blade guard and safety switch for ease of use and peace of mind for operators of all skill levels.
    • Compact and Portable: With a lightweight, compact design, this saw is a breeze to transport and adaptable for a range of locations, perfect for mobile cutting requirements.

    Step up your cutting performance with the RCS-40A Electric Cutting Edge Saw and experience the efficiency and power you need to get every job done right.


    • Power: 1100W-120V
    • Blade Size: 140mm
    • No Load RPM: 2000
    • Maximum Capacity of Opening: 1.57"(40mm), up to #8 inch Grade 60 rebar (re-inforcing bars)
    • Weight: 8.7 lbs
    • Package Includes: Edge cutting saw, 1x cutting saw blade replacement, wrench set, 4x cutting guide blocks, user instructions."


(No reviews yet) Write a Review